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Traci Braxton Weight Loss: Is Weight Loss The Reason For Her Death?

How much does Traci Braxton weigh? What was her net worth before she started her weight loss journey?

Traci Braxton is an American singer, radio personality, and reality television personality who has gained fame through her appearances on “Braxton Family Values“.

Her debut album, Crash & Burn , was released in 2014. Till 2020, she released three more albums as On Earth, Braxton Family Christmas and Valentines Day.

Braxton has lost around 64 pounds (29 kg) on her weight loss journey, amazing the fans across the globe.

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So, how did Traci lost such an enormous weight? What was her motivation for this weight loss? Let’s find out!

Who Is Traci Braxton?

Source: Guardian

Traci Renne Braxton was born on April 2, 1971 and was the third child to her parents, Michael Conrad Braxton Sr (father) and  Evelyn Jackson (mother). With her six siblings, she was raised in a strict religious household.

She sang in the church choir as her first experience as a singer. Traci Braxton’s siblings Toni Braxton (born in 1967), Towanda Braxton (1973), Trina Braxton (1974), and Tamar Braxton (1975) are the Braxton sisters (1977) signed theri fist deal with Arista Records for ‘Good Life’. It was not a hit but managed a position at 79 on Billboard Hot Hip-Hop singles. 

She was married to Kevin Surratt and welcome their first and only Child Kevin Surratt Jr. on January 10, 1996. 

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Around 90s when Traci was about to sign a deal along with her sisters, she became pregnant and decided to focus on motherhood. After this deal, her sisters become immensely popular in the recording industry. 

Traci made her debut again in the showbiz with a reality show Braxton Family Values in 2011 as a reality star, where she gained a huge popularity among her fans. Thereafter, she started fulfilling her dream of recording own albums. 

Being an ultimate entertainer, her roles in Sinners Wanter (2018), All in (2019) and The Christmas Lottery (2020) were applauded by her fans. 

Is Traci Braxton Weight loss True?

Yes! Traci Braxton always rocked the internet with her incredible weight loss transformation.

Even in 2013, Trace underwent a weight loss journey where she lost around thirty-five pounds, as revealed by essence in July 2013. By keeping up with her strict diet and workout plans, she managed to lose sixty four pounds by the end of December, NewsOne reported. 

As she was diabetic, she was well aware of the health consequences of obesity. After two years of her weight loss surgery, she made another attempt of losing weight. 

In 2018, she lost over 40 pounds and raised the eyebrows for her amazing figure. She also revealed about her weight loss diet that helped her losing weight. 

On a reality program Braxton Family Values, she discussed about her weight issues. She revealed about her diabetic status and how she took charge of her life. Beside being obsessed with this super hit reality show, Traci was entertaining her fans with her songs and performances. Even her sister, Toni Braxton is also a renowned singer in American industry along with her other siblings. 

She mentioned, ” I keep an eye on my diet plan and take care of myself. I have changed my lifestyle and diet by removing a major chunk of carbs. As I was diagnosed as diabetic, i have stopped my weight loss pills. Now I am trying to control my weight from diet”.

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How Did Traci Braxton Lose Weight?

The weight loss journey has been a roller coaster ride to me and my family. In her interview to OK Magazine in 2018, she revealed she has managed to lose 40 pounds of weight by watching what she ate. She hydrated herself with plenty of water and take a good car of herself. She also pull out lot of starch from her diet, to manage an incredible weight loss. 

The motivation for her weight loss was stemmed from her medical condition. As she become diabetic, relying on the pills was not an option for her. 

This was her last Instagram post that she shared almost a week ago her death. 

How Did Traci Braxton Die?

According to Sun, She was died of Esophageal Cancer. at the age of 50. Her long battle with cancer and her husband and manager were accused of ‘exploiting’ her death. they have planned a funeral service and viewing with zoom link against her final wishes. 

A Braxton insider told, Traci wanter her body to be incremated immediately after her death. She didn’t want people to look at her body or any funeral to be arranged for her. 

According to healhow, Braxton dies on March 12, 2022 after her long struggle with esophageal cancer for more than one year. 

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