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Danielle Rose Russell Weight Loss: Diet Secrets Revealed

From her supporting roles in Pandemic, Wonder, and Aloha to bagging a lead in Legacies, the real and reel life of Danielle Rose was full of up and down. This beautiful actress embarked on her journey in Bollywood with a supporting role in A Walk Along The Tombstones in 2014. She was applauded for her incredible performance; the following year, she bagged another role in Aloha.

But what went wrong when she became the center of hatred after getting a lead role in Legacies? Why were Danielle fans not happy about this? What do her critics have to say on this?

Let’s Check out Danielle Rose Russell’s weight loss journey!

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Who is Danielle Rose Russell?

Source: Observer

Born on October 31, 1999, Danielle Rose is an American actress raised in West Milford, New Jersey. Her father, Ricky Russell, was a singer, and her mother, Rosemary Rado, was a former dancer. She pursued modeling at the tender age of 10. Before joining a regional theater, she appeared in many AD commercials and print ads. 

She began her acting career in 2014 as a 14-year-old daughter of a Russian drug dealer. In 2019, she was nominated for the Teen Choice Award For Choice Fantasy/Sci-Fi TV actress. 

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When and Why did Fans Body-Shame Danielle?

Celebrities in Hollywood expect to be perfect in every aspect. After starring as Hope Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries, she was body-shamed by her fans. She felt so pressurized about this that she publicly addressed the issue of fat-shaming. 

In one of her Instagram posts, she wrote, ‘ I didn’t want to address this, but it made me extremely upset that people are fat-shaming me to an extent calling me a bad actress and unworthy.’

‘My petite curves made me feel different from other actresses, and I look no less beautiful than any other. I love my curvier body, which makes me feel empowered as a woman’, She added. Her post showed that she was extremely upset about her body shaming by the fans and sheer comparison on weight with other actresses.

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Apart from the much attention and love she receives from her fans, many haters leave no stone unturned in fat-shaming her. Even after her weight loss in Season 3, people body-shamed her.

She mentioned, ‘ After so much of pressure about my physical appearance, i was worried on my looks. But I always embraced myself and my true fans always supported me.’

Did Body-Shaming Made Danielle Quit her Acting?

Today Danielle is regarded as an international star. She was proving her critics wrong. But she has gone through a phase where she had no self-confidence and turned down many auditions. She mentioned, ‘ When I went for the callback, I remember looking at the three girls sitting and waiting. I felt I would not get this, for sure.”

Her character in Legacies brought her so much fame. She admitted that she was amused and joyful about her fans’ comments on her character. But all the comments were not supported, and body-shamed despite her incredible performance.

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How did Danielle Rose Lose Weight?

On Netflix’s Love Is Blind season two, Danielle Rose admitted that she lost around 15 pounds using the Nutrisystem and counting macros. As soon as Episode 3 of Legacies was out, everyone noticed how she had been slimmed down. The fans were interested in unveiling the secrets of Danielle Rose’s weight loss.

Even some of her fans claimed that her body shape in the new season of Legacies hints about her weight loss surgery.

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What is Nutrisystem and Counting macros?

The Nutrisystem diet program is based on the principle of low carbohydrate intake. It helps in reducing cravings and hunger pangs. On average, it comprises a 1200 – 1500 calories diet to create a calorie deficit to put you in the healthy range of weight loss with an average of 1-2 pounds per week.

It is comprised of 40% calories from carbohydrates, 30% calories from fat, and 30% calories from Protein.

It is a 28-day program that services you with pre-packaged foods. There are options like Granola, Oatmeal, Pancakes, and Muffins for breakfast. Dinner and lunch include pizza, pasta, stew, tacos, soup, and chicken. You can choose a serving of cookies, brownies, and cakes for snacks and dessert. 

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Danielle Rose Russell Weight loss: Workout Routine

There is no post of Danielle Rose on social media and on the internet flaunting her workout regime. Hence, it is difficult to say which fitness regime she follows or what type of workout helped her with losing weight. But in an interview, she confirmed that she is training a lot to stay healthy.

How she has lost weight and achieved a great body shape reflects that she must be following different routines. Following a mix of weight training, core workouts, and cardio and bodyweight exercises are essential to get a perfect body.

It is also essential to work out at least 5 days a week to get visible results.

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What should be the Ideal Workout Regime to Lose Weight Faster?

If you want to know the best workout routine to lose weight fast, then here are some tips: 

1) Cardio – This helps in burning calories and boosting metabolism. So, if you plan to lose weight, do 30 minutes of cardio daily. You can go running, swimming or cycling.

2) Strength Training – This increases muscle mass and improves your stamina. Do strength training twice a week. If you don’t have access to a gym, you can use free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc.

3) Core Exercises – These help build solid abs and improve posture. You can try side planks, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.

4) Balance & Bodyweight Exercises – Try these to tone your muscles and burn more calories—for example, squats, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, rope skipping, etc.

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Danielle Rose Diet Plan

Although her fans are highly interested in knowing Danielle’s diet plan to lose weight, she has not revealed anything about this. But we are sure that, like Kevin James and other celebrities, she must have switched to a low-carb diet to lose weight.

A healthy lifestyle always includes a nutritious diet plan and a consistent workout.

The actress slammed all the critics around her who were body-shaming her with her new looks. However, Hollywood has high standards for celebs’ perfection, making the mega-stars such as Danielle ponder their weight and body shape.

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