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Newt Gingrich Weight Loss:Diet, Workout, Before & After

Weight loss seems to be the latest tradition and not just for Hollywood celebs; even American politicians cannot refrain from this emerging trend. After all, what’s wrong with being fit and active? It is not always about an aesthetically pleasing personality that motivates someone to weight loss. Obesity leads to many diseases and impacts your quality of life adversely. Hence, not just celebs but even common people are convinced about weight loss.

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However, this weight loss story refers to the renowned American Politician who served as the 50th speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Yes! We are talking about Newt Gingrich, who drew the general public’s attention this time for his weight loss transition.

If you want to know how this member of the Republican Party has lost weight and what motivated him to do so, Read On!

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Who Is Newt Gingrich?

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He is the first Republican in Georgia’s history who won the 6th congressional elections. He began his career as a professor of geography and history at the University of West Georgia in 1970. In November 1978, he won the U.S. House of Representatives election. He won a larger percentage of the vote as compared to any other Republican candidate in New Jersey for Governor in the last 24 years, according to The Guardian. 

He ran for the Republican nomination in the 2012 presidential election but could not win a viable candidacy. In May 2012, he withdrew from this Presidential race but later emerged as a key ally of President Donald Trump. 

This 78-year-old former speaker is nowadays looking slimmer. So, what motivated Newt to lose weight during the pandemic? Let’s check out!

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Is Gingrich Sick?

While many people counter this weight loss as a result of any illness, all these concerns were disregarded when Gingrich appeared at the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors Gala with his wife, Callista Gingrich.

One Instagram user commented, ‘ What a Couple Newt, you look amazing.

Even Gingrich told reporters once when he looked himself in the mirror. He made a resolution to lose weight.

Although he admitted that he is a potato couch and a bookworm, this transition was a bit difficult for him.

‘No beer, real exercise’ But I set the treadmill to ‘press’ to make me run harder. he further revealed. 

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Did Gingrich Follow Any Weight Loss Program?

Yes! Gingrich followed a program called Burn Fat, Burn Muscles devised by fitness coach John DeFendis. John Defenders is a former Mr USA bodybuilder. He started training people at the tender age of 18 and successfully trained thousands of overweight people. Taking off 45 pounds from Gingrich is his latest accomplishment. 

After spending over 4 months with Newt, he has trained 17 members of Congress and Senators. In the last 2 years, he took off over 100 pounds from 22 people he trained.

Calvin Klein (cloth designer), Jim Robinson (CEO of American Express) and professional ballplayer Mike Piazza are some of the names on his credit list that he helped to lose weight with. 

This weight loss program contains a combination of an exercise regime and three meals daily accompanied by snacks. The diet focus on low carbs and moderate protein inclusions. At the same time, the exercise program includes aerobics and weight training. It also includes nutritional supplements that aid weight loss.

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Newt Gingrich Diet Plan

Fat-free Spaghetti, Brown/White Rice, Baked Potatoes, Boneless Chicken breast, and Fresh Green Vegetables are some of the recommended foods that DeFendis suggested to Newt under his new diet plan. There were six supplements that Newt took along with his breakfast and lunch. These supplements promoted lean muscle mass and helped in burning fat.

Newt Gingrich Workout Plan 

Newt starts his workout early at 6:30 AM every day, and his workout sessions with DeFendis stretched up to 8 AM. Lunges, barbell curls, leg raises, cycling and crunches are some of the exercises that Newt included in his workout routine consistently. 

DeFendis’s proximity to Newt also raised questions about his interest in politics. On this, DeFendis disregarded any chance of joining the politics. He added, ‘ I am too busy to train people as i spend most of the time in gym. I began at 6:30 AM and remain busy till 11AM.’

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Has Newt Undergone any Weight loss Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is common for people aiming for drastic weight loss. We have seen that the celebs like Chrissy Metz and Chaz Bono have undergone bariatric surgery. But this is not the case with Newt. He lost his weight naturally by adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

How Much Weight Does Gingrich Lost?

Gingrich used to weigh around 250 pounds and dropped 30 pounds over the year. ‘I want to reduce further 15 to 20 pounds’, he acclaimed.

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