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Meghan Trainor Weight Loss [Updated] 2022: Top 5 Scerets

Celebrities’ weight loss has been on everyone’s curiosity lists ever since.

Meghan Trainor’s recent weight loss was an incredible tale of absolute strength and tremendous endurance that left no stone unturned to affect millions around the World. From gym visits through home workouts, 2021 was a year of healthy commitment and fitness for Meghan Trainor. Several celebrities spent their lives transforming their bodies – many like Chrissy Metz, Jorge Garcia, Celine Dion, Mellissa McCarthy, Jill Scott, Zion Williams, and many more were spellbinding. Nevertheless, it’s not only about fitness that motivates others to take a step on this path.

Meghan Trainor announced the weight loss in October 2018 and has dropped 20lbs since then. Meghan Trainor is a fantastic singer that everyone loves. Her fans also adore her for her beautiful look & new style. In 2018 she had been featured with a massive body fat loss.

This blog post will tell you about Meghan Trainor weight loss plans for 2022. How do you encourage your partner to be a healthy eater if you have a relationship? Why has her mother been choosing health care? Wat that ultimately Meghan Trainor’s decision to lose twenty pounds?

Who is Meghan Trainor?

Source: Mykawartha

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor is a famous television personality and a popular American Singer-songwriter. She started her career as a songwriter at a very early age. She has been credited with three independently released acoustic albums, being ‘I’ll Sing with You’ when she was 17.

She won Grammy Award for her famous song “All About That Bass”, “No”, and “Lips Are Moving”.

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss Journey 2022

When she was 21, her famous song ‘All About The Bass’ was released. The song propagated her stand for curvy women and how she embraced body positivity. At 24, she engaged with Spy Kids Actor Daryl Sabara. He became her source of motivation for leading a new healthy lifestyle. She switched to a healthy lifestyle and started working out regularly. It embarked on Meghan Trainor weight loss transformation.

In an interview, Meghan credited her husband for contributing to her healthier lifestyle. She added, ‘Daryl has changed my life incredibly. I never thought that working out could be fun. I love the feeling to work out together and turning sore. I am getting addicted to it.

Megan found a soulmate and true love in Daryl. She admired him for how he brought a healthy change in her lifestyle and motivated her to lose weight.

Why Did Meghan Trainor Lose Weight?

When she met her then-fiance, Daryl Sabara, she had crazy baby fever. She wanted to start a family and have babies. She said, ‘ My mother had babies at my age and to have babies and start a family after falling in love with Daryl as it was in my blood. ‘

When you get the love of your life, it is evident that you wish to start a family and have babies. To begin with, you need a healthy body and good food habits to turn your dreams into reality, she added.

What motivates further to adopt a healthy lifestyle is her zest to live forever, stay younger, and stay fit. She mentioned that she didn’t want to deal with any acne or anything terrible to her face. In an interview, she said, ‘ I am 24, and I want to live till I turn 106’.

Only a healthy lifestyle is the way to extend your lifespan and save you from the diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, heart attack, depression, etc.

How Much Did Meghan Trainor Weigh?

At the release of All About That Bass, she weighs around 175 pounds with size 12, as an average US female. She stands 5 feet 4.5 inches (1.64m) tall. After making her significant strides for fitness, she healthily lost 20 pounds and stood at the weight of 149.9 pounds (68 kg).

Meghan Trainor Dating History

Source: The Mary Sue

Fans have always been curious about Meghan’s dating history and confirm only two of her relationships. In 2015, she was dating singer Charlie Puth. However, this relationship didn’t last long, and the couple set apart just after two months.

In 2016, She met with the love of her life – Daryl Sabara, and dated him for almost 1.5 years. After this, the couple decided to tie a knot in 2018. Now they have a son together.

Meghan Trainor Bio

Source: Time
  • Full Name: Meghan Elizabeth Trainor
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Date of Birth: December 22. 1993
  • Net Worth: $8 million
  • Occupation: Songwriter & Singer
  • Husband Name: Daryl Sabara
  • Nick Name: MTrain
  • Children: Riley Sabara (son)
  • Favourite Beverage: Water
  • Favourite Singer: Bruno Mars
  • Favourite Fruit: Lemons

Meghan Trainor Diet And Workout Routine

Diet plays a vital role in any weight loss journey. The importance of home-cooked meals cannot be undermined when looking to switch to a healthy lifestyle and smooth weight loss. Crash and fad diets may yield faster results, but it does more harm to your body than any good in the long run.

Once you resume after a strenuous crash diet, you tend to gain weight more than ever. It becomes more depressing, and the process of gaining weight turns vicious.

Switching to homemade food was a challenge for Meghan Trainor as she did not know how to cook. Her fiance told her how to cook healthy food at home, stopping junk food.

‘He told me how to cook healthy food and make it tasty as well, she added.

She started training with her boyfriend, Daryl. She said, ‘ I was slipping into depression after my vocal cord surgery. Daryl introduced me to workouts’. She was not interested initially, though, but gradually she started loving it. She credited her husband with teaching her to feel better with exercising and eating healthy.

She followed Shaun T’s fitness program and gradually loved it.

What is Shaun T’s Fitness Program?

Shaun T Fitness Program is based on short, high, intensity exercises with a mix of martial arts and jumping variations. Interval training aims at building the muscles fast, while the max interval circuits make the workout progressively more complex over 60 days.

There are 10 workout programs in the Insanity program, each taking between 30-60 minutes. Doing it on gruelling 6 days a week works with changing the workout schedule every week.

How Do Celebs Lose Weight Fast?

According to eatthis, Celebs require to lose weight to fit to the various roles as well as to prepare for live performances. Taking the example of Chris Pratt, he managed to lose 60 lbs in 6 months which is incredible for any weight loss journey. He was preparing for his new role for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

We found many Hollywood celebs sharing important tips on losing weight. And one thing we found common was staying active. Yes! staying active and adopting a healthy lifestyle are important.

To achieve sustainable weight loss, you must consider switching to a healthy diet that keeps track of your daily calorie count. Weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit, as I always say! So, it is important to look at what is on your plate. Also, a steady exercise regime is equally important.

Instant weight loss methods may yield instant weight loss results but in reality, such weight loss is not sustainable in long run.

Has Meghan Trainor Gone Under the Surgery?

Meghan Trainor has not gone any cosmetic surgery. She underwent vocal cord haemorrhages to fix it. The singer has undergone two successful vocal cord surgeries, according to E-News.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Meghan Trainor Gain Weight?

According to hollywoodlife, Meghan Trainor Didn’t gain much weight at the time of her pregnancy. As she was also managing gestational diabetes, it helped her to control her weight. On February 8, 2021, she welcomed her baby Riley and enrolled in the health and nutrition program by Sanford.

Joining this program helped her to learn new tricks for managing her meals well and improving her daily nutrition. She adopted a routine of 5-day workouts a week. “I’ve actually lost weight and I hope I will keep going. Let’s see, how far would I go”, she exclaimed

Is Meghan Trainor Curvy?

Meghan Trainor has always been in the headlines for her curvaceous figure. She also gave a song All About That Bass which was a blockbuster as she always embraces her curvy figure. Although she finds it difficult at times, she always supported body positivity, according to News24.

Is Meghan Trainor Married?

Meghan Trainor is married to Daryl Sabar. He is the same guy whom we have seen playing Juni Cortez in the movie Spy kids. Daryl Sabad is an American actor who made several appearances in various films and on television.

Is Meghan Trainor and her husband still together?

According to usmagzine, the couple exchanged vows in 2019. The couple is happily married and still together. In a recent interview with usmagzine, she revealed how they both are sharing their private bathroom together which represents how the couple shares an intimate relationship. This relationship started in July 2016.

How Did Meghan Trainor Meet her Husband?

She met Daryl for the first time in 2014 at a house party in Los Angeles. However, the couple took 2 years. In an interview with People, she told how she went to him while he was having a drink and asked if he is the Spy Kids. She was so thrilled and excited to know that she met and partied with the spy kids that night. She informed all her friends and family about this.

Is Meghan Trainor Married to Charlie Puth?

No, they are just friends. They first bagged the limelight for their AMAs performance kiss (live makeout session). According to teen vogue, Charlie Puth is not attracted to Meghan in that way that they can think of any romantic endeavor. Even Charlie smashed down any such rumors after the AMAs wrapped.

Did Meghan Trainor Have a Baby?

Daryl Sabara and Meghan Trainor welcomed their baby Riley in February 2021. Trainor also posted on Instagram with a caption, ‘thank you Daryl Sabara for this wonderful Valentine Gift’. She captioned it with her baby’s first-moment compilation.

What Religion is Meghan Trainor?

Meghan Trainor is American by nationality and a strong believer in Christianity. She is born and raised in well-settled Christian family in Nantucket , United States. She started singing at the age of six at Methodist Church. Her father was an organist and music teacher.

What are Meghan Trainor’s Fans Called?

Meghan Trainor Fans are called “Megatronz” Similarly, the collective name of Billie Eilish fans is called “Avacados”.

What Does Meghan Trainor do Now?

According to rollingstone, Trainor rolled out her musical comeback in October 2021 with LP Takin’ It Back. Back in February 2021, Meghan was blessed with a baby boy and thus did not come up with any musical performances.

What is Meghan Trainor’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Meghan Trainor stands at $14 million. She is counted among the most successful young personalities. She has made her marked herself as a successful singer-songwriter and television personality.


Meghan Trainor’s Weight Loss has impressed fans worldwide with her incredible transformation. By adopting a healthy diet and a consistent workout regime. She followed Shaun T’s workout program and preferred the home-cooked meals. Her husband had been her source of motivation, who helped her switch to eating healthier by cooking healthy food, taught her how to cook healthy meals, and made exercising an integral part of her lifestyle, leading to impressive weight loss.

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