Jorge Garcia Weight Loss: How he lost 121 Pounds In 4 Months

Who doesn’t know American Actor and Comedian Jorge Garcia?

Jorge Garcia weight loss is one of the most popular and trending topics. He is a celebrity in America who played the character of Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the hit TV series Lost. After that, he gained popularity as Jerry Ortega in Hawaii Five-O. He also played the role of Dr Diego Soto in Alcatraz. Jorge Garcia’s weight loss is an essential topic among his fans, and many people wish to burn fat like him.

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Do you know? Garcia made his acting debut as Hector Lopez in TV serial Becker in 1997.

Wondering how much weight he lost? This article will take you through how Jorge Garcia Lose weight successfully?

The actor has been in the news since he has lost his 45 kg (around 100 lbs). Since then, he has become an inspiration to many people. His weight loss secret revealed that he lost weight by exercise routine and following a strict diet plan.

He lost weight in 4 months, from December 2012 to April 2013.

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According to reports, He followed the Nooch diet to lose weight fast.

Most people looking to lose weight don’t follow a proper diet plan and workout routine to achieve Jorge Garcia weight loss. This article will provide some workout plans and exercise tips for Jorge Garcia weight loss.

Who is Jorge Garcia?

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Jorge Garcia is an actor known for his role as Hurley on the television show Lost. He was born on April 28, 1973, and turned 48 last year. Her mother, Dora Mesa, is a professor, and her father, Humberto Garcia, is a doctor born in Chile.

Weight Gain Journey of Jorge Garcia

The excessive weight of Jorge Garcia has always been a primary concern for him and his family. Due to his unhealthy eating habits, Jorge Garcia was obese since childhood. Owing to food addiction, his weight gain was tremendous over time. The doctors described his condition as ‘grave’ and recommended bariatric surgery as the only hope to save him.

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The Weight-Loss Journey Begins

Ever wonder how Garcia achieved such a drastic weight loss?

The key to lasting weight loss is exercise and dieting, but it’s essential to adopt a plan that you can stick to for life. García could have spent years trying different diets and exercising routines until he found one that worked for him. He underwent gastric bypass surgery to begin his weight loss journey.

Jorge Garcia shed 30 pounds of weight initially but started to eat the unhealthy food again. It made him frustrated. Even after losing pounds, he still looked obese.

He worked hard to lose weight with his workout routine and healthy lifestyle.

At the initial weight of 400 pounds, Jorge Garcia lost 100 pounds with its Nooch diet. He deactivated yeast from his diet and stopped alcohol intake.

He included carrots, protein, spinach, and fibrous food in his diet to lose weight faster.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes: Garcia Weight Loss Journey

According to The Daily Hawker, Jorge Garcia replaced oily foods with vegetables and fruits in his diet. He gradually turned himself into high protein foods and a low carb diet.

Here are the simple Jorge Garcia’s weight loss tips, which anyone can follow to lose weight:

·       Count on your calories to create a calorie deficit

·       Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day to improve metabolism

·       Cut down high-calorie foods like bread, potatoes, soda, butter

·       Avoid alcohol

·       Including exercises like sit-ups, arm wrestling, push-ups

Here is a one week Diet chart: Actor Jorge Garcia Diet Rules for Weight Loss:

Day 1: Fruits Only

Day 2: Vegetables only

Day 3: Fruits and Vegetables only

Day 4: 8 bananas and 4 glasses of milk

Day 5: Chicken breast, 6 large tomatoes, and brown rice

Day 6: Brown Rice, Vegetables, and Chicken Breast

Day 7: Vegetables, Fruits, Brown Rice and Juices

Workout Plans for Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Besides adopting healthy eating, Jorge Garcia altered his lifestyle by adopting a regular workout regime. Some of the essential exercises that he included in his weight loss journey and helped him to shed his weight are:

·       Sit-ups

·       Arms Circles

·       Wrist rotation

·       Running or Jogging

·       Stairs running

·       Breathing exercises

·       Neck Rotation

·       Air cycling

·       Challenges along the way

He revealed that he started with 2-3 hours of exercising every day in an interview. Initially, the weight loss results were not visible, and he was frustrated. So he moved back to his unhealthy eating habit.

But he tried again to lose weight. He also reports that he underwent gastric coronary bypass surgery to lose weight. Begin his workout regularly.

Successful Weight Loss in 90 Days!

With drastic changes in diet, the weight loss journey of Jorge Garcia was long. His friends and family were worried about his unhealthy habits and heavyweight, making him susceptible to many diseases.

He successfully reduced his weight with his strong determination, from his struggles to cut alcohol from his diet to lose a whooping weight of 100 pounds.


  • Jorge Garcia’s Net Worth: $8 million
  • Jorge Garcia’s Age: 48 years
  • Jorge Fernando Garcia Birthday: April 28, 1973
  • Jorge Garcia Weigh: 180 kg

To Wrap Things Up

Jorge Garcia weight loss has been an excellent source of inspiration for everyone looking to lose weight. By losing weight around 45 kgs, he proved that he is still in the game. He was a bit overweight, which made him look like a big man. But he has done a great job by losing weight, and now he looks much better than before.

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